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René was born on the 16th of march 1963 at 9 o'clock in the morning in east-germany. The sun was shining. He was ready for the world, but was the world ready for him...???

Even as a little boy of about 3 years, René has observed the world around him attentively.

René was interested 
in everything.

René began to study nature, people, technology and the universe.

Even in his school his classmates always asked him for advice in various fields.

Further in his life he learned many things and is qualified in several technical fields.

In particular, he always studied people and their behavior in history.

Mankind from the beginning to the present day.

Past cultures, which left unsolved puzzles behind and we're not able to solve those puzzles with our today's computer technologie.

Universe René Jahnke

Universe René Jahnke

Universe René Jahnke

Universe René Jahnke

Universe René Jahnke

Especially the understanding of the relationships 
between the universe and the human behavior.

The result of his over 50 Years studies can be 
found on his websites.

René Jahnke

Important René Jahnke

Support René Jahnke

Support René Jahnke

René Jahnke
Love and light to you all...

Best regards,
René Jahnke 

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